Photos with iphone

A Rainy Day
Mother and Daughter
Strolling Against Blue Sky
Walking into the Sunset #2
Walking Into the Sunset
Double Sky
Year 2015
American Diner
Silhouette of Four
Blue Sky, Blue Ocean
Thank You, Steve.
Birds on the Wire
Playing with Shadow
Red Table and Chair
A Dog at the Beach
Maybe Open? But Not Yet...
Where's Squirrel?
Walk toward Palm Trees
Road + Cloud
Songkran Festival #3
Songkran Festival #2
Songkran Festival #1
When the Wind Blows
Happy Valentine's Day!
happy new year!
10.10.10 in Istanbul
autumn color + shadow
autumn colors
birds on joe
the forgotten
sky and cloud
3d 989
happy dog
unhappy dog
beach on a chilly weekday
golden gate bridge
happy 4th of july!
please take a seat and relax...
beautiful sunday
dandelions on the wall
looking up at the blue
sunset + vapor trail
lines of blinds #2
lines of blinds #1
shadow art on the ground
stones on color
march = spring
road to...
end of 1/12 of 2010
winter ocean #2
winter ocean #1
zen in roppongi
golden bridge pola vs. iphone #1
hello reflection
brothers in airport
my favorite bus at an art shop
old bike in color
hot now
dc metro #2
dc metro #1
juggling hoops
into the light
color palette wall
6 years
my ukulele
halloween soda wall
devil with a big heart
behind the scene
white on black
o + x + shadow
a touch of summer
candles on the water
cactus garden
cool inside
airport in the morning
a different world
dusk in cabo