Photos with contax t3

Blue Sedona
Hawaiian Style in Arizona
Sweet Colors
End of Trail
Bell Rock
Courthouse Butte
Cactus on the Hill
Hope and Pray
An Autumn Sunday Afternoon
Autumn Leaf Color
Without Rainbow
Hibiscus on the Head
Life is Good on Maui
Hot Now.
Happy Spoon, Happy Fork
Happy New Year!
66th St.
New York at 5th Ave.
MoMA #2
MoMA #1
Grand Central Station #2
Grand Central Station #1
Heart Lock at the Brooklyn Bridge #2
Heart Lock at the Brooklyn Bridge #1
Happy Mother's Day
Waiting Room
Sunset at the Beach
Late Afternoon Beach
yellow + brown + check
the first star
light and shadow
straight up
a beauty book store
summer destination
veggies in a wrong place
boats in the sky
overlook point
after kids play
futuristic blue
mom and baby piggy #2
mom and baby piggy #1
patchwork field
lines and shadow
checked city
powering up