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happy holidays!
weekend beach #2
weekend beach
going home
tables at an alley #2
tables at an alley
Walking at A Bazaar
People at the Bazaar #2
People at the Bazaar
Before Entering the Yeni Mosque
Before Entering Blue Mosque
Bench and Yacht
a bit of the black sea
fishing in istanbul #2
fishing in istanbul #1
pigeons and a girl
pigeons and mosque
good old days kitchen
after rainy day
Chairs in Bozcaada #2
Chairs in Bozcaada #1
blue + two #2
blue + two
Trick or Treat?
A Cat in Bozcaada
A Cat at the Ruins of Troy
Haydarpasa Station #2
Haydarpasa Station
a cat in safranbolu #2
a cat in safranbolu #1
a day in istanbul #2
a day in istanbul #1
colors of Istanbul #2
colors of Istanbul #1
mosque + dawn
mosque + free wifi
country of tea
10.10.10 in Istanbul
double tower
looking at the past summer
popcorn + red plane
autumn color + shadow
autumn colors
glass in glass
double rainbow
arc and lines
summer is back.
birds in line
birds on lines
color bulbs
walking along the rail track
on top of the squares
weekend lattés
enjoying the last bit of summer #2
enjoying the last bit of summer
birds on joe
2037 MTS
2030 MTS
yellow + brown + check
the first star
light and shadow
old pier
used bookstore #2
used bookstore #1
kira kira
straight up
a beauty book store
summer sweaters
going on.
comic umbrella
red-hot flowers
newspaper boxes
bulletin board
the forgotten
beetle with makeup
plane & bird of paradise
gumballs & me
doggie in yellow & black
sky and cloud
summer destination
golden shot
3d 989
veggies in a wrong place
mini yacht
motel capri
under the tree
happy dog
unhappy dog
beach on a chilly weekday
golden gate bridge
boats in the sky
happy 4th of july!
please take a seat and relax...
taxi in downtown
blowin' in the wind
overlook point
say cheese
more sweet
sweet x 4
red green yellow
moon and shoes
after kids play
futuristic blue
beautiful sunday
mom and baby piggy #2
mom and baby piggy #1
motel du beau
texaco star
sign, sign, sign...
twisted trees
end of trail
trail #2
trail #1
patchwork field
lines and shadow
checked city
powering up
mozart is cool.
a moment at a cafe #3
a moment at a cafe #2
a moment at hashigo cafe
dandelions on the wall