lost in san diego

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this roll was sitting in the camera for 3 months. :P

// i went to a camera store today and discovered they have a wide range of photo papers. the guy at the shop was very helpful and showed me a lot of sample papers like moab and hahnemühle. i’d like to make some cards with my photos on those beautiful papers, even though i didn’t buy any today. :) do you have any recommendations on not-glossy photo papers?
3ヶ月、カメラの中で眠っていたフィルム、やっと撮り終わりました。:P 今日カメラ屋さんでフォトペーパーを物色してました。moabやhahnemühleは良い感じでした。光沢のない柔らかい感じがするフォトペーパー、お勧めがあったら教えてください。:)

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