ver. two open!

yashica35mc112905 014after two years and half, i finally updated PHOTOMO!
well, the look doesn’t change much but i switched from movable type to wordpress. all entries were successfully imported.
some new features:
· added tags. notes about which film i used, where i shot, and some keywords.
· browse random photos.
· in archives page, you can find photos by colors. this is my favorite feature. :)
please click the photo to view a larger version. if you use a rss news reader, please be sure to update feed address. thank you!見かけはほとんど変わってませんが、今日からPHOTOMOバージョン2です。:) MTからWordpressに移行しました。詳しくはそのうちあちらでレポートしますね。

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